Everybody has a story.

Everybody can learn to tell their story.

Narativ create spaces where people can explore stories from their lives:

for advocacy, for leadership, to connect, influence and inspire.

Stories are how we make sense of the world.

They give us an opportunity to process our experience as well as communicate it.

The current global crisis is forcing us to stop. 
This can give us space to listen and reflect. At the same time this moment is a call to action for us to change the world we live in.

How can we harness the power of our storytelling to both these ends?

The Power of Personal Stories


Weekday mornings
9-9.30am BST

A mindful moment to connect with our bodies & notice what is going on in our minds. Once we have 'cleared obstacles' & become present we each set a positive intention for the day ahead. 

Open to all.

What is Clearing Listening?

Free in our


meeting room



Foundation Listening & Storytelling Workshop (via Zoom) in 2 x 3-hour sessions.

The workshops happen over two days, either consecutively or with a day in between.

Our sessions are highly experiential, with a combination of discussion, didactic (teaching the Narativ™ methodology), discussion, small group work, individual prep/story work, and personal feedback.

Open to all.



Free in our


meeting room

The Narativ Story Circle is a space to connect with others by listening & sharing stories from our lives. We are all hard-wired for Story & these spaces remind us that this is the most natural way to meet & feel connected by our shared humanity.


Exploring our stories creates a space for reflection and insight.

Sunday June 21st is Father's Day so this is a space to share stories about, with & for Fathers everywhere.

Open to all. 

On May 10th 2020, Mother's Day in the US, we collaborated with our colleagues in New York & Narativ Founder Murray Nossel Ph.D. for the World Mother Storytelling Event. With the current global conditions this virtual event was streamed live with The Town Hall in Manhattan.
This allowed us to bring people in from all over the globe, as listeners & as participants exploring their stories.
WATCH the event on Youtube
  • World Mother Storytelling Project on Facebook

Dan and Jane talk about the power of personal storytelling and the principles of the Narativ Method™️



Personal storytelling transforms

business communication

Narativ works with organisations and individuals but we also hold open One Day Workshops throughout the year for anyone to experience the Narativ Method.

If you work for an organisation that would benefit from learning to listen and tell stories, this is a great way to introduce yourself and your colleagues to what we do.



"Dan and Jane are both passionate and engaging, have a warm and inclusive style that makes you feel that they genuinely care about the impact and the experience they leave you with. This is a rare quality and something to be applauded"

Europe Head of L&D



"The workshop is beautifully paced and elegantly facilitated. But the real magic, is what happens afterwards. How this work finds a way into your everyday life both professionally and personally. I cannot think of any industry sector that would not benefit from this important work. "

Director SUKLAA

Media & Education Company


"What I was most impressed by were the completely practical tools and tips that Dan provided that were easy to understand and that I could instantly see an application for in my day-today life and work."



"I have to say it was inspirational … you felt you were learning something practical. What Dan, Jane and staff bring to the workshop is pure energy and wisdom… I came out with a lot more confidence and useful insights on how to become a better and wiser story teller. "

Central Eastern Europe Cluster Head, Novartis



The main benefit for participants is their own sense of power - This strength they find in vulnerability and being really open when they share personal stories. Some people had tears in their eyes. They felt the impact their story had on others.

Talent Management & OD Partner, Novartis


Want to know more about business training and personal storytelling? 

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