Learn to tell a business-relevant personal story in 7 steps

“If you think your enterprise doesn’t need great storytellers, this book will convince you that you’re wrong. With creativity and verve, Murray Nossel shows how to apply the power of narrative to marketing, manufacturing, management, and just about every corner of your business. If you want to become better a storyteller — and a better listener — POWERED BY STORYTELLING is the book for you.”  


Daniel Pink, author of DRIVE TO SELL IS HUMAN


What’s your story? It’s a question human beings have been asking each other since we first gathered around a campfire. Millennia later, this human need for storytelling hasn’t changed. We communicate most effectively through our personal stories—and our professional success depends on it.

Murray Nossel Ph.D.

This groundbreaking guide, written by the co-founder of NARATIV, explains how to tap into the timeless power of storytelling to transform your business.

In the book, executive coach, motivational speaker, and psychologist Murray Nossel, Ph.D., distills decades of expertise into a simple method that enables you to:

  • Find the right story for a particular audience and purpose.

  • Leverage your own experiences, memories, history, and heritage.

  • Create, develop, and craft a universal story that resonates.

  • Connect with business associates on a more personal, relatable level.

  • Share your corporate vision and goals—and get others on board.

  • Resolve workplace conflicts and find workable solutions.

  • Boost creativity, spread ideas, and spark true innovation.

  • Improve teamwork and collaboration through listening and learning.

  • Integrate storytelling into all your communications for ongoing success.

Learn the seven-step method Narativ uses with its clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to third sector and non-profits.

ONE - excavate your personal memories and experiences to generate story ideas that suit your particular needs.

TWO - craft and shape these elements into a classic story structure that connects with audiences.

THREE - present your story to your business audiences using simple performance techniques that anyone can master.

Everyone needs to communicate well to succeed in business. And everyone has a story to tell. Powered by Storytelling shows you how to tell your story, connect with your audience, and achieve results.

A fundamental element of the method is a focus on listening: the ability to hear yourself, as well as the feedback provided by a given audience ―It is your audience’s listening that shapes your telling.

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