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The Stories of MOTHERS can help reshape our world

The World Mother Storytelling Project​ is a global initiative to teach sons, daughters and offspring to listen to and tell their mothers’ stories.


Once brought to light, these stories shape our own stories and, in turn, reshape our world.

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On Mother's Day 2020, Narativ London collaborated with our colleagues in New York & Narativ Founder Murray Nossel Ph.D. for the inaugural World Mother Storytelling Event.
This virtual event was streamed live with The Town Hall in Manhattan, allowing us to bring people in from all over the globe, as listeners & as participants exploring their stories.
WATCH the event on Youtube
World Mother continued on June 28th with the World Mother PRIDE Storytelling Project.
We heard music & listened to stories from around the world about LGBTQ mothers and children.
The Mothers Rising Storytelling event was on October 25th. 

Told by their children, we listened to stories of mothers who’ve turned personal loss and tragedy into a devoted effort to be of service to others.

All events were directed by Dan Milne & Jane Nash at Narativ London

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