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Our work is about CONNECTION.

So whether people work alone or with global offices and colleagues and worldwide,

whether they have face to face clients or virtual customers, we explore how individuals connect with each other and to what ends.


NARATIV's work has three elements:  

  • We create Space where people really listen to each other, tell their stories and are witnessed doing so.

  • We teach Narativ's unique Listening and Storytelling Methodology.

  • These two elements work together powerfully to generate Content in the form of Stories.

It may be that your focus is on how people can better connect with each other internally to an organisation; or it may be about generating powerful stories with which different stakeholders can identify.

NARATIV's work always gives people the tools to create these things.

Coming soon - a story from one of our clients on how they are using the NARATIV techniques to improve employee relations and increase business.

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