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Image by Nathan Dumlao


In June 2001, three men sat in a cafe in New York, discussing the creation of a theatre piece...

Murray Nossel PhD, an Oscar nominated documentary filmmaker and Dr Paul Browde, a psychiatrist, had invited Dan Milne, a British theatre-maker, to tea. They wanted to run an idea by him about creating an unscripted theatre piece in which the two of them could tell the story of their friendship.


This is a story taking them from their childhoods in South Africa to the present day in New York City; a story that moves from Africa to London to America, through conflict to a personal reconciliation between them.


After telling this story and their vision for the piece, Dan interrupted them and said "I have never heard of anything like this before - I want to direct it!" 


In that cafe the origin of Two Men Talking was born. Often referred to as 'the performance of a friendship' this ever-evolving storytelling piece is still presented all over the world, from grand theatre spaces to conference halls, from London's West End to Perth, Australia.


Narativ was founded as a way to pass on what has been learnt about the power that stories have to connect us all. 

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