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Narativ Storytelling in Peckham at the Change/Maker Forum

Last night Narativ directors, Dan Milne and Jane Nash, spoke about story and listening at Peckham Levels, a converted multi-storey car park in South East London. Wolf and Player organised the event for their newly launched ChangeMaker magazine bringing together practitioners who spoke about aural and visual storytelling.

Our listening was challenged by a very noisy room with many distractions to affect our listening but the speakers held our attention. We became very good listeners and some lovely stories were told.

Why Story? Why Now?

"The social narrative has been hijacked. As social media reaches its teenage years we are beginning to feel the impact our current status update, soundbite led, zero attention span communications are having on our society. ‘Project fear’, ‘build the wall’, ‘take back control’, the echo chamber spouts negativity, hate and untruth at every turn. We’re forgetting how to listen to one another. We’re forgetting how to empathise. We’re forgetting how to tell stories.

The art of storytelling is as old humanity itself. From cave paintings to fireside storytelling rituals humans have been telling stories to one another as a means of forging connecting bonds for aeons."

Chris Wolf: Wolf and Player

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Come to our next one day storytelling workshop in London on June 19th

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